The candypreneur book – a complete guide to open a bulk candy vending business

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are you currently stuck in a dead end job, needing more money, or what more freedom in your lifestyle? then a bulk candy business could be the solution you have been searching for. There are few opportunities out there when you have no startup money, no college education, and very little time available and still be able be successful . Does this sound too good to be true? well it s not. You may ask yourself, if it s so good why are you just now learning about it? simple, it s not glamorous.

people think a career and making money needs to be glamorous if you can label someone as successful. For instance, being a big hedge fund manager, or running a billion dollar publically traded company seems more likely than selling bubble gum. Funny enough even these successful people may be your customer and you wouldn t know it. Everyone uses vending machines at some point but no one stops to think about the economics of a vending machine or how much money they can make. The easiest way to describe the potential of this business is to imagine a machine where every time you put $10 of candy in you get $20 cash out. This is the truth about vending machine business. The typical profit margin on each vend from your machine is 50% so for every dollar spent on candy you will make two.

this book will show you how to start your business and make it successful. There are many things i learned the hard way and i don t want you to make the same mistakes. This book is the most comprehe…read more detail

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