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" bill is not your average dividend stock picker for sure. He’s probably the best in the biz. He doesn’t just pick a "high yielder" and sit on it. Bill is picky about the underlying company and the price at which he enters. I’ve never seen someone do that the way that bill does. It’s awesome " (sean hyman, forex instructor, professional money manager)

every single investment newsletter sells you on a great deal of hype and promises every one except this one

in the past year i, bill spetrino, have consulted through multiple means to provide professional guidance on individual stocks and overall stock market strategies. My dividend machine newsletter currently has 19 out of 19 winning positions which led to feature articles in the october financial intelligence report by best selling journalist and newsmax ceo, christopher ruddy, as well as the november issue of newsmax magazine with sarah palin on the cover. Newsmax magazine is an unbiased source of news .

my bio and blog posts on with larry kudlow and chris ruddy, among others, have expanded my worldwide base of contacts by an amount i would not have thought possible 6 months ago. Unfortunately, this has caused a huge demand on my time and i have found it nearly impossible to notify all my associates individually about various investment opportunities.

let me answer the most obvious question. If i have already achieved financial independence why did i do this?
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