Your own profit pulling podcast.

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” how would you like to h ave a business promoting , cr edibility building , profit pulling podcast online for all the world to hear? ” it’s easier than you think – with just a little help from the experts…. .

from the desk of neil long tuesday, 10:16 am new malden, surrey, united kingdom yes, you heard right. I am absolutely confident that i can show you how to quickly and easily create an endless stream of broadcast quality podcasts in your chosen field. If you’ll allow our team of professional radio broadcasters to help you, you can go from “brand newbie” to “seasoned professional” in just four short sessions. You’ll be happy to know that turning your voice into that of an “expert” is easier than you think. Our easy-to-follow home study course takes you by the hand and guides you every step of the way. Here’s a week by week description of what you can expect to master as you go through each week’s sessions:

session 1- you’ll get to know all about podcasting and how it will be making a major improvement to your bottom line. You’ll be diving right into the podcasters bible. Also known as “the insiders guide to creating, monetising and promoting your podcast, without breaking the bank”, the podcasters bible is your “secret weapon” to creating podcasts that have you front and centre in your market

you’ll then be introduced to a downloadable workbook so that you can work it all out on paper first, and make a masterplan . We send you to the right places to…read more detail

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