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“want to quilt up a storm and make money while you do it?” let me show you the easy steps to creating an income from your quilting hobby did you know that you can earn up to $100 an hour quilting for others? i t’s true. Did you also know that some people will pay you up to $3,000 to make a quilt around a precious material remnant from their childhood? amazing, isn’t it?

how would you like to work when you wanted to – be your own boss? sounds good doesn’t it? fancy doing what you love – quilting – and being paid for it. How great would that feel?

you can work from home, and leave peak hour traffic and public transport to those people who still work for the boss. How would you feel to have other people pay you to stay home and make quilts? those same quilts are then displayed in homes to be admired by people you’ve never meet. Now wouldn’t that be a fabulous feeling?

$30 – $100 an hour could be yours in just a few weeks wow, $30-$100 an hour how many people do you know that make that much an hour? are they doing what they love, their passion?

you can choose to start your home quilting business part-time while continuing your current job. That way your hobby can become a great second or third income. Imagine bringing another $1,000-$4,000 a month into your home, would that help? (some quilters make over $5,000 a month). Then when your new business really takes off you can quit working for the boss if you choose… I guess that is the point, if you cho…read more detail

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