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paul mladjenovic is a national seminar leader author and consultant. Famous for books such as stock investing for dummies (wiley), the unofficial guide to picking stocks (wiley), precious metals investing for dummies, and how to become a recognized expert in only six months.

since 1981, his company has helped thousands build wealth through nationwide seminars, workshops and investment conferences. With this guide you can get thousands of customers from places you never thought about. Paul has done it, let him help you.

the term zero-cost marketing is given to strategies, techniques and sources that i have developed over the years that require no up-front investment or out-of-pocket expense. There is technically no such thing as truly “zero-cost” or “no-cost” marketing (or, for that matter, anything else in our mundane world). If you value your time or if you count the cost of a postage stamp, email or telephone call, then all human activities have a cost. In regular marketing, we pay for advertising and hope for the best. In zero cost marketing, we eliminate the risk of big advertising budgets.

need convincing? “truly zero-cost-marketing” in 2009 i landed a marketing contract with a financial company. I was being paid for every new prospect i generated. However i soon found out that the ppc and seo tactics i knew just were not effective. I spent my days and nights link building and article writing, and i was not generating any leads. The high …read more detail

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