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get all the perks of classroom learning but with the flexibility and affordability of online learning. It’s a faster, easier way to get (and brush up on) the most in-demand design and web skills.

there’s a reason people have been learning in classrooms for thousands of years. It works. But who wants the need-to-leave-by-7-to-get-there-in-time hassle? life is too busy for that. So i created askbrianwood a way for designers, business owners, marketing pros, front end developers and really anyone looking to create professional, high quality web and mobile sites and content can learn new skills, keep up on all things new and interactive, in a way that’s so much easier, so much faster, so much more well, human.

i’m always learning new web and mobile skills myself, and there’s one thing i know for sure no matter how good at learning we may be, we always have questions.

it’s a natural, normal and important part of how we humans learn. So instead of just giving you step-by-step videos you can learn from and there are over 150& 43; hours (and counting) of tutorial videos available to all askbrianwood members i’ve also given you the option of being able to ask me questions.

and yes, it’s actually me on the other end, answering your questions and not days later…read more detail

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