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people seem to skip the basics and presume that you know the really basic tasks on a computer. This computer basics package will cover all versions of windows from windows xp to windows seven. Watching computer video tutorials is a great way to learn as you can pause the video anytime. You can also watch these videos as many times as you like.

“ “hi mitz; as a college instructor, i have searched everywhere for a textbook for our ‘intro to computers’ class for this coming semester. None of the professional textbook companies offered a book that was as easy to understand. And their prices ranged from $50.00 to $100.00 for a lot of unusable information. Your attention to detail makes this book so user-friendly and easy to understand. I congratulate you on creating the perfect book for upper grade-schoolers through the college level, and for those who just want to learn how to use their computers. Plus your extra tutorials are just great i know anyone who uses this book will be so grateful to you ” suzanne penzenstadler, instructor, salina technical college. ”

“ i thought the book was very easy to understand and very organized. I still refer back to the book everyday to look up computer terms as it has the best computer dictionary on the internet ”

yes there are 4 bonus gifts to help you with your computer education. Order any time day or night if you are not happy then i am not happy just ask for a refund if you think this product doe…read more detail

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