Conquer 27 frustrating quickbooks mistakes that steal your time, sanity & money

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but you do need to avoid the traps and headaches quickbooks brings… …when it s not used the right way. In all my years of offering quickbooks help to people, i see over and over again the frustration, anger, and even the sense of betrayal people feel when their bookkeeping is not going well.

do you get tired of sitting in front of the computer, inputting data and running reports? maybe you’re just not sure which screen to use and when to use them, and maybe your reports don t look right… But you can’t figure out why.

are you doing things wrong? is quickbooks really that confusing? you’ve probably thumbed through one of those quickbooks help books – there are lots of them out there, and new ones come out every year. These how-to guides are great , but let me ask you something:

have you ever read one thoroughly, cover to cover? no? you haven t? i m not surprised. Most people who buy those books have great intentions of reading them…

but until there is a painful problem, the information there just doesn t seem very important. Bad qb mistakes happen to good people we all have things we re good at. You might be a lawyer, a plumber, or a doctor. You re good at what you do, and because you re an expert in your field, you often know when somebody is making a mistake, even if they don t know it.

you know how to help them, and that s why they come to you. Because you know things they don t know. Have you ever felt the frustration of seeing peo…read more detail

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