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from the desk of: aaron dwyer developer of backup smart how embarrassed would you feel if a hacker defaced your website with vulgar profanity, and you had no way of quickly fixing it?

how much time and money would you lose if you made a mistake while editing your site, and had to start over from scratch?

even worse could your online business survive if you were the victim of a server crash and your site totally vanished?

listen, these aren’t worst case scenarios. They are common events that happen each and every day to website owners just like you.

a near fatal loss of revenue while you scramble to get your site back up and running i don’t know about you, but even just the thought of losing my main source of income for even one day keeps me awake at night.

if you create websites to enjoy financial freedom, then the last thing you need to worry about is if they can just disappear at the drop of a hat never to return.

well, you don’t have to worry anymore backing up your websites isn’t difficult with backup smart . Installation is a snap, and i’ve even included comprehensive training videos to make operating backup smart child’s play.

this easy to use software quietly runs in the background of your pc or mac and automatically downloads the current cpanel backups from inside of your hosting account to your hard drive safe and secure

you have total control over how often and what time you want your sites to be backed up. …read more detail

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