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learn the secret of how to grow taller along the years i have heard every myth that exists and i swear that there are some ridicules rumors regarding growing taller, and i checked every one of them. At some point i found myself asking my school nurse if it is true that eating only carrots will make me taller. So i will be the last one to judge you for anything you’ll try because i know that there is nothing you won’t try or at least consider if there is a small chance it might help, but you must understand that there are millions of people in this world that share the same problem and if there was a magic trick or an ultimate rapid solution you would hear of it, the whole world would have. We simply refuse to accept there is not miracle cure because it will mean that we will never be 6 feet tall, so, businessmen use it against us and sell us so many ineffective products, and we, foolishly enough, buy everything they offer us.

i have seen too many teenagers wasting their precious time and money on fake growth products and ridiculous superstitions and by the time they realized they had fallen for a marketing ploy, it was too late. I decided to put a stop to all this and make sure that shorter teenagers have access to all the factual and relevant information they need to maximize their growth potential so i wrote the first-ever practical guide to growing taller. The first part of my guide covers all natural and un-natural ways to grow taller. It contains medical informa…read more detail

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