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if you’re reading this, you probably have some images or photos that you would like to restore or fix up so that they look more like the original. Many of us have precious photos of ancestors where the images could be 100 years old or more, you are certainly not alone. The problem is; how on earth can we make bring them back to life and make them look more like the original images? read on to learn how to easily restore your photos without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to get the job done. This may be the most rewarding letter you’ll read this year.

there’s nothing like the satisfaction of repairing an image for an old loved one and seeing the look on their face , and because of this and the high prices professionals charge for their photo restoration services, i decided there was a better way. That’s when i created this online course, which consists of 5 convenient training modules:

here’s what the very first students are saying about photo restoration school: i am so happy to learn how to use the histogram and you made it so easy. J.r. That is excellent, clear and concise, i have only ever used half of the procedure, and not with these great results. I will be following this again and again until i get it set in stone in my grey matter. Thank you

good and clear explanation of what is needed, but most important is the recommendations on which tools we should use.

as a retired army officer, i ve learned to be structured in the lear…read more detail

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