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a website i built myself using selfassemblysites are you fed up with the high costs of web design, and the seeming complexity of it all? me too. When i started my art business several years ago, like most people, i hired a web designer to build my site for me. It was a good site, if a little expensive, and i was quite happy with it. A few months later, i needed some simple but important changes made sold paintings removed, new paintings added. My web designer was a good guy but he was too busy, so i had to wait. When the changes were made, i was charged $120 an hour , several people told me that was a very fair rate for a guy of his quality, that they pay way more. He was a quality designer, that’s what you pay. But at that cost it doesn’t make you feel like you want to be continually improving your site .

i felt i had no control over my site, instead of enhancing and reflecting my business it felt separate to me, it was a frustration and a burden. If you’re feeling that same frustration, trust me, i feel your pain.

years later i met alastair mcdermott. One morning at his kitchen table, with only a pen and paper, he talked me through how to build a great site for myself using professional tools i recorded this conversation on my flip video camera. I went away and to my amazement i built my sites , which turned out great (you can see one example here on this page).

it was the most remarkable sensation. Hands thrust into the air, that surge of pure elation …read more detail