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1. What is the juzt-reboot sw product? the juzt-reboot sw product is the latest product in the juzt-reboot line of products. It complements the juzt-reboot card product range by extending the system/data recovery features to notebook and portable pcs that do not have any pci slots or pcs without any free pci slots which can accommodate any of the juzt-reboot cards.

similar to the juzt-reboot cards, the juzt-reboot sw product provides system/data recovery protection to the system. In the juzt-reboot sw range, it is further broken down into two separate products catering for different needs.

there is the juzt-reboot sw which caters to users who only merely want to provide protection to their notebook pcs’ windows operating system, and this is by far the largest portion of the market. Juzt-reboot sw provides protection for the os and up to three other partitions as well.

our latest addition to the juzt-reboot sw range is the juzt-reboot sw w7 edition which caters for more sophisticated users who may want to install multiple operating systems on their notebook or desktop pcs. The edition provides support for up to ten operating system partitions, and supports up to a maximum of forty-two partitions. These partitions can be os partitions, data partitions, or swap partitions for unix-based operating systems such as linux.

2. What does the juzt-rboot sw do? the juzt-reboot sw protects the pc’s operating system from modifications or corruption. It protects…read more detail

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