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traktor tips videos have been praised the world over , for their detailed yet simplistic approach, achieving their goal with minimum effort and in a short time. Traktor is possibly the most popular dj software currently on the market and as such we admit there are a lot of tutorials out there. The problem is, many of the tutorials are scattered all over the place and cause you a lot of wasted time searching online. Once you’ve found the video, the teaching style may end up creating more questions than the video answers, or the instructor may waffle on for 10 minutes but only give you 2 minutes worth of information.

traktor tips will change this experience for you. You may not have even used traktor yet and just don’t know where to begin? it’s all a little confusing? there are so many buttons and possibilities, so many options that it’s sometimes too much to even think about. Some of you may have started using traktor, but are put off by the complexities of organizing your music files, or the fear of beat-grids, perhaps you feel like giving up, or just need a little guidance or encouragement to to get you motivated again

many people search tirelessly online for the right videos, but end up learning bad habits and get into even more of a mess than they first started out in. People often want a simple solution right in front of them, without the hassle of spending hours online trying to find the right videos that fit. This course will strip away all these concerns …read more detail

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