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micro2000 inc. Was founded in 1990 to provide professional quality computer pc hardware diagnostics for personal computers… or pc’s. At that time, pc hardware diagnostics were available for main-frames and mini-computers, but good pc diagnostics were virtually non-existent. The first product created by micro2000 was the micro-scope software , which immediately garnered a byte magazine user’s choice award and became the best-selling pc hardware diagnostics software of its type in the industry. Through constant innovation, micro-scope software remains an industry leader to this day. And now the same software that has remained an industry leader for over 2 decades is finally available electronically. And, of course, this leads us to these 2 big questions to answer:

the benefits of using micro-scope is first and foremost, it does not rely on supporting information from the platform (os) or the basic input/output (bios) of the computer it is diagnosing. Micro-scope runs its own proprietary os at the hardware level, so it basically talks to the hardware directly, irregardless of what the operating systems is (windows, novell, os2 etc:) or what the bios of that system is reporting. Micro-scope is in the simplest form, a true hardware diagnostic for true hardware issues. So rather its a crashed drive that you need to activate the drive controller on (sata, ide, scsi etc:), rather you need to go in to cmos & repartition, rather you need to rebuilt the mas…read more detail

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