Pushbutton seo, wordpress optimization and content creation

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it’s simple. We designed the plugin to help internet marketers of every skill and experience level implement white-hat, content-focused seo on any site you install it on, no matter what the niche.

it takes over a decade of seo experience and compresses it down into a small but feature-packed plugin that takes a proven, successful ranking strategy and makes it pushbutton easy.

here’s an overview of our key benefits: imagine never needing to have multiple tabs open, going from wordpress, to google keyword tool, to google analytics, to youtube, and back – just to write a single post

imagine not needing to buy multiple pieces of software when pushbutton seo does it all… now, all the information and assistance you need is just one click away, and available right in your wordpress editing screen it’s so simple, you don’t even need to know seo at all to boost your rankings with pushbutton seo .

your traffic depends on having the right keywords to optimize for. Pick the wrong ones and you could be number one – but get zero traffic. But don’t worry – we have keywords covered…

optimization is something that everyone struggles with, even the experts. Because it can be hard to tell what to do on one page vs. Another, and it can be hard to tell when you’ve done enough.

and now that google has said they plan to punish over-optimization , you need reliable and proven seo advice more than ever.

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