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sorry, the slides only zoom in a more recent browser, and you’re seeing the fallback option of a static picture. Please upgrade to ie9, or any other modern browser such as firefox, safari or chrome.

the local rvolver – local news for your area –> techcrunch – hi-tech industry news search the web for an image to try auto-zoom source code multiple images source code auto-pan source code auto-pan and auto-zoom source code

static images scaled source code responsive image filling container source code clickable hotspots source code fancy borders source code

this picture zoomer can be added to your own site for free , and is open source, with the proviso that the ‘rvolve’ watermark remains in view. White-label zoompics without a logo are available to license.

you can use the pics to display any .jpg, .gif or .png on your site at any scale, and they’re responsive to screen size changes and pinch to zoom on tablets. With the animations off (no watermark is then required) it is an easy way to scale images dynamically when you’re embedding them in your webpage.

pure javascript . Compatible with ipad, iphone, android, firefox, ie 7+, chrome, safari, opera * free includes an watermark white-label without an watermark 0-3k hits/month – $3/month 3-300k hits/month – $30/month 300k+ hits/month – $300/month include the following script in the header: and then include a zoompic, or several zoompics anywhere on your page with e.g. Copy the following html cod…read more detail

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