S2member® | a powerful (free) membership plugin for wordpress®

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s2member is a plugin for professional wordpress membership management, integrating seamlessly with user roles & capabilities for wordpress .

protect your content. Pages, posts, tags, categories, uris, uri word fragments, uri replacement codes for buddypress , specific post/page “buy now” access, and even portions of content within posts, pages, themes, plugins. Easily configurable & highly extensible.

you can even protect downloadable files and streaming audio/video with s2member . Store files locally, or use s2member’s integration with amazon s3/cloudfront .

s2member is an extremely powerful (free) membership management plugin for wordpress . The s2member framework plugin (free) integrates seamlessly with paypal standard for businesses (also free).

the s2member framework fully supports recurring billing, with the ability to track affiliate commissions on a recurring basis. S2member supports custom pages for registration (including custom registration/profile fields), account access, and a whole lot more.

s2member pro is an add-on module for the free version of the s2member framework. S2member pro adds paypal pro integration, paypal pro form generators, and authorize.net aim/arb integration (also w/ pro forms).

in addition, s2member pro includes google checkout integration, clickbank integration, advanced user import/export tools, coupon codes, a pro login widget (plus profile summary); and many other enhancements.

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