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this schema corporate wordpress theme (or better known as the wordpress theme ) automatically creates special on-page markups (called microdata) which can generate the above shown rich snippets on your search results. What is microdata?

or download our free brochure first and learn more about microdata “( ) if the search result for your site is equipped with photos, videos, ratings and such additional and useful information, the click-through rate on your site s search results will be comparatively higher than other sites without structured markup data. ( )” read the full article “( ) we look forward to seeing structured markup continue to grow on the web, powering richer search results ( )” read the full article “( ) rich snippets provide you with the ability to help google highlight aspects of your page. ( )” read the full article “( ) the end result of rich snippet usage is that users waste less time sifting through irrelevant search results to find what they need. ( )” read the full article “schema markup has been on the seo radar for almost two years now, and its importance continues to grow. ( )” read the full article “( ) was adopted by the three major search engines in 2011 and will be increasingly implemented on websites in 2013” read the full article

this is what google officially says: search engines are using on-page markup in a variety of ways for example,…read more detail

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