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the little book of wordpress seo is aimed at professional wordpress bloggers and wordpress developers who need help with optimizing established wordpress blogs or websites or setting up new well-optimized sites or blogs based on wordpress. The focus is on using plug-ins instead of the help of programmers. Other features of the book include a complete list of plug-ins needed for optimizing and setting up wordpress and a complete, working configuration of settings, plug-ins, and theme.

the book reads like a checklist the same handy format used by the author kalin nacheff in his personal notes that served him well as a guide when he had to set up a new wordpress site or help optimize another. He took the original notes while working on optimizing his popular motorcycle blog and at the time he worked in the same room with two talented seo professionals whose help and advice were invaluable for writing this book. The book contains:

the book offers a complete setup guide all the steps you need to take to set up your wordpress website properly.

the plug-ins recommended in this book have been tested to work together in harmony, without any conflicts.

the book gives you a complete, working site configuration. This part of the book offers advice on how to optimize the contents of your wordpress website, as opposed to optimizing the site as a whole.

social media is becoming more and more important in determining search engine rankings. The book offers …read more detail

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