Windows 7 ultimate guide

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"windows 7 – are you ready to fix it’s problems?" if you think your windows seven is secure, then read this article . In fact i know it is not. Do the things you need to do to secure your computer the right. I f you don’t protect your data, it will no t be yours for long. Have you done everything to insure your data will not be stolen or destroyed? do you know what needs to be done to make windows 7 is secure? id theft is at an all time high and will only get worse as long as the opportunity is there for a thief.

you may decide to pay to have all these things corrected with the windows 7 security (at a cost of one or two hours).

one way to keep thieves from your computer is to keep them away from the hardware, either though blocking a virus from attaching to your computer or a tech from working on it.

perhaps you are thinking about doing it yourself? it is not difficult but it is time consuming. So if you don’t want to pay someone you will need a couple of hours to complete your security enhancements.

i have been told that this message is ‘a little harsh’ but i would like to get your attention, your data is at risk. Don’t be fooled by the "it’s ok, nothing is going to happen." over 10,000 people a day have their id stolen, don’t be a victim. Don’t load windows 7 on your computer with out this e-book.

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