Wundelete pro simple file recovery and rescue utility!

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whether it s a slip of the finger or a glitch in windows, doesn t it always seem that it s the most important files that get deleted and can t be recovered, and just at the wrong moment?

when you lose a word processing document, spreadsheet, family photos, source code file, or some other important file, hours of hard work can go up in smoke in a digital second when a valuable file disappears.

sure, windows has a recycle bin , that s supposed to let you recover a deleted file, but it doesn t always work…

worse, files that are deleted by application software, or when you hit shift->delete, delete files en mass, or when an application crashes, bypass the recycle bin altogether so there is no chance of getting them back once that happens.

buy wundelete pro now for just $39.95 special reduced introductory price for limited time 50% off buy now for just $19.95 wundelete is the fastest and easiest way to recover lost files that you thought were gone forever. Wundelete doesn t depend upon the recycle bin or weak undelete procedures. It goes straight to the disk drive to identify and recover the file fragments that are still intact but windows doesn t know how to find.

you see, when a file gets deleted it isn t actually removed from your hard drive. Windows simply drops the pointer that allows it to access the file.

this means that although you can t use regular software, or windows explorer to recover the file, it can be restored as long…read more detail

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