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" thank you very much for the timely responses.. . it worked like a charm and everything’s running great. Thank you again and to all of you and yours, have a merry christmas and a happy new year." " before xoftspyse my antivirus software could not get rid of that troublesome winfixer trojan, but y’all came through with timely, courteous, personalized support that killed that bug in no time flat thanks " " i turned 50 yesterday so this is another present… A winfixer-free machine. Thankyou your personal customer support is outstanding."

" you guys are pretty darn good. Considering the fact that i’ve tried every software program on the market to remove the smitfraud-c junk from my pc and registry. The fact that spybot found it and couldn’t do anything about it says something about your software and the support xoftspyse has given me. For the first time in ages, i think my pc is finally clean."

" i feel very happy to inform you that, after the use of your excellent program for spy- killing, i have finally got rid of at least 800… Parasits, that were stalling my pc. Now, my computer is running like new keep the good business on my dears. All the best to all of you."

as with all paretologic products, xoftspyse anti-spyware 7.0 is backed by the company’s respected customer care and support team. If you have any questions or concerns, this trusted and proven group of tech professionals is here to take care of …read more detail

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