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100 sex games ­ book review

one of the biggest challenges in a long-term relationship is trying to keep things exciting in the bedroom.

whether it’s work, the kids or the other 1000 things you need to do, dedicating time to keep the fire burning in your sex life is often easier said than done. Let’s face it, we all have busy lives. Therefore, it makes sense to find ideas that can be used again and again in your lovemaking repertoire.

lo and behold: “100 sex games for couples.” sex games really are a great way to keep things fresh and original and often have a longer reusable value than most techniques and positions.

but does this book by michael webb really deliver? let’s find out :d

to begin, i really liked the introduction of the book and how it talked about intimacy being spiritual, emotional and physical. It really sets the tone for the whole book and emphasizes that these games are really about “making love,” not having sex.

so what about the games themselves? actually, i was surprised to find there were only 33 sex games in the book. Instead, the other 67 games are variations of the original 33 games, changing the rules of the games to create different versions. While this was a little disappointing at first, after reading the book, i became quite excited to try many of the games myself. There is more than enough in there to keep things exciting for a long time. And of course, some games will keep you entertained ………read more detail

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