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career astrology similarly, lets say you’re having trouble in your career. After many years of working at it, you haven’t reached as far as you had expected. People far less talented than you are getting ahead of you. You wonder what you’re doing wrong. The answer is – nothing the career you’ve chosen is, quite likely, not in harmony with your chart. You can spend the rest of your life trying to work at it and the progress will continue to be below your expectations. The answer is to simply opt for a career that is in harmony with your chart. Swim with the tide than against the tide. More astrology and the stock market people also ask me if i can predict bingo numbers, horse races and stocks that will move up. Well, yes and no. On any given day, hundreds of stocks go up. What is more important to you is not whether a stock will appreciate but whether you will gain from it financially. More natal astrology versus sun sign astrology many a times those who’re into sun sign horoscopes and read them as a habit depend on them for romantic compatiblity analysis. So they go ‘oh he’s a taurus and i’m a sagittarius and so we’ll never get along ‘ or ask someone if they’re flirtatius and wonder, ‘aren’t all librans supposed to be flirts’. I wonder how many great relationships never happen thanks to these myths. Some skeptics will argue and say that becuase it seems ridiculous tot divide the world into 12 parts (sun signs) astrology is just nonsense. Let me tell you that you may be …read more detail

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