15 keys for indestructible self-esteem by elías berntsson

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date: dear friend eager to get rid of your “prison” : well let me tell talk to you for a few seconds about low self-esteem. (and trust me, i know what i m talking about because i lived what you are living and know exactly what you are going through)

the life of a person with low self-esteem is literally depressing. Depressing because he lives a life of:

his routines since getting up in the morning are self-destructive, such as: searches by all means to please others , whether acting in a certain way, wanting to be like someone else, even resorting to cosmetic surgery, changing behavior … With the goal of improving the image others have of him or her.

and in this way tries to kill his personality by the simple fact of being rejected, or to believe that you don t into society. Believe that being someone else and forgetting yourself will give you the solution, and if you succeed then you ll be really happy.

and definitely one of the main reasons why a person has low self-esteem is: afraid to say what you feel for fear of rejection or annoy someone … Everything just from comparing yourself to others and think that you re inferior, or thinking you should be different, that you must not be yourself that you have to be like that model, that actor, as the girl in the ad …

if you identify with this you just read, i invite you to experience a new reality: what would happen, or how would you feel if this was a reality for you? how did you feel wh…read more detail

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