24 hour science projects

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24 hour scienceproject 8th grade 24 hour science project middle school students

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24 hour science project for 8th graders

last night we had a lecture on the importance of assigning projects as an assessment tool in a high school class. The following is part of our discussion:
projects give kids opportunities to perform other than tests which can be especially important for kids in demanding courses (such as physics) since they may not perform well on their tests.
projects provided students a chance to learn at home or at school and in a different format than the normal lectures/activities/homework assignments.
24 hour science projects are an easy way to incorporate literacy and creativity into learning and assessment.
24 hour science projects can be flexible in nature, including individual or group work.
projects can be an optional assignment to help boost the test average of a student's grade.
regularly assigning projects give kids a chance to do projects even if it's not a project-based curriculum.

24 hour science project for 8th graders

then we talked about how plagiarism plays a role in projects and presentations:
having students present their projects makes it more difficult to plagiarize because they are forced to speak about what they've learned and not just copy and ………read more detail

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