28 day rapid fat loss challenge

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can this birthday-cake-eating’ fitness expert help a frustrated husband and wife in their battle to lose weight?

saturday, 4:32pm lincoln, nebraska birthday party for a 5-year old. Stage of kids birthday party insanity: nearing full-on insanity, but saved by cake time

written by: ed scow, aka the fit dad my wife and i were at a birthday party for a friend of our daughter s and it was cake time. They were serving full-fat ice cream cake, which is all kinds of awesome.

in between bites i noticed a couple glancing over at me, then whispering to one another. If you ever want to make someone feel like they re a slob, or have some type of embarrassing skin condition, do what they were doing. I was constantly wiping my face and checking my nose just in case.

after the third time i gave them both a slight nod, which must have been the sign she was looking for, because she walked over and said, you re a personal trainer, right?

yep. I said before taking another giant bite. Then how can you eat not one, but two pieces of ice cream cake and look like that ? that statement came with an up and down glance, that if this weren t a kids birthday party would have made me blush

what do you mean? i asked, why do you think i can t eat cake and look like this better yet, why do you think you can t eat cake and look good?

because there are so many calories in that cake i m getting fat just watching you eat, yet you re devouring it like it s your …read more detail

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