3 day ebiz | pat o’bryan with geoff hoff – learn everything you need to know to have an online business in 3 days!

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to everyone who wants to make money on-line: discover the amazing ecourse that will teach you everything you need to know to get your business on-line and selling in only 3 days

think about what has held you back so far… Now imagine that we can wipe all those concerns away the more you read this page, the more you will feel the excitement of knowing you can make money on the internet. And you’ll learn how you can do it quickly and easily.

from the edesk of geoff hoff los angeles, ca i’m a writer and teach creative writing and have been selling courses and information products on-line for several years. When i first started out, though, i was frightened by how much i didn’t know, how much i had to learn. Even though i was committed to making money with my on-line business, i did everything i could to avoid doing it.

i struggled with c reating my products. I was very frustrated trying to build my web pages. I would often just stare at my computer screen and want to scream. In fact, sometimes i did scream.

have you ever been like this? you decide you want to sell something on-line, but you don’t know what. You finally figure out what, but have no idea how to make it. You spend hours and days (and lots of money ) learning how to make it, then, oh no, you realize you need a web site. How the heck do you get that? finally, after figuring that all out, it just sits there because no one has told you how to get people to see your web site, much less buy y…read more detail

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