30 day challenge

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30 day challenge is
click on the links below for your day to day dance/workouts!!

good luck everyone! remember, don’t give up… No matter what, keep pushing!!!

you can also sign up to daily burn to do more dance workouts with me if you want a little extra!!! click here:

you will need: 3 to 5 pd. Weights (dumbbells)
10 pd. Weights
elastic workout bands (target, walmart, sports stores, etc.)
foam roll for soreness (sports stores, walmart)
water/ towel
and lots of energy and dedication……..
here we gooooooo!!!!!

week 1:

day 1 & 15:
mobility warm up:
latin soca dance workout:
super sexy arms workout:

day 2 & 16:
high intensity training workout:
hiphop booty shaking workout:
dance your way to sexy abs:

day 3 & 17:
mobility warm up:
hiphop cardio workout:
kickboxing in the park:
quick way to get sexy abs:

day 4 & 18:
mobility warm up:
reggae dance workout:
hiphop cardio kickboxing:
elastic bands workout: (if u don’t have bands, use weights (7 to 10 pds) if you don’t have weights use canned goods out of the kitchen… No excuses) let’s goooooo!!!!

day 5 & 19:
mobility warm up:
dance your way to sexy abs:
booty pop and body roll dance workout:
kryptonite booty pt. 1: <.........read more detail

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