30 day crash course | transgender voice feminization

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as a certified speech language pathologist and voice feminization specialist, i hear one thing over and over again from my patients:

i pass as a woman until i open my mouth. Or are you like some transgender women who think they have passable voices, but are unaware of the common mistakes they’re making that keep them from truly being accepted as women?

if you’re like most transgender women i know, you’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and money perfecting your feminine image. But your appearance can only take you so far

if you can’t speak like a woman, you’re not going to pass. Period. It’s your voice that makes or breaks you as a woman.

but you already know that, don’t you? so let me ask you this: if you aren’t satisfied with your voice, it means that your approach isn’t working. Simplistic advice such as raise your pitch or speak softer won’t get you anywhere. Sadly, i’ve meet many tg women who’ve been working on their voices for years and still get read every time they open their mouths.

that s the bad news. The great news is that with the right approach, you can learn how to achieve a passable feminine voice in as little as 30 days

click to hear marion’s before and after voice transformation click to hear rachel’s before and after voice transformation through my years of clinical experience, i have developed a voice feminization approach that works. The possibilities that open up when you have a passable feminine voi…read more detail

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