30 days to feel better from fibromyalgia; a book

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i say don’t believe a word i say about fibromyalgia, because most people who find relief after reading my book and following alternative paths like this one have already discovered on their own that the doctors can’t help them, the pain medicines eventually stop working, and nothing else helps

they already know there’s no other choice than to fix the things that cause fibro for real, and my book just helps put everything together for them.

i honestly don’t want to convince anybody that drugs and doctors and surgery are not the answer to the fibromyalgia. That’s too hard. I want to help the people who are already convinced figure out what to do now.

buy my book here or keep reading. I have lots more to say. 🙂 sign up for my email list here . Keep reading to see more about my book. Phone consultations suspended until my new baby gets older email me at lisakleinweber at gmail if you are interested in one when i start them back up again. You will need to agree that you understand that i am not a doctor or nurse or health professional and you know that i can not diagnose you or recommend a treatment plan.

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