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i m a working mother. Between my job and the kids i don t have time to workout. Gym memberships are expensive and i don t have time to go jogging every night. I live alone and it s more convenient to order a take-away or ready-made meal than to cook a healthy low-fat meal for one every night. My husband doesn t like to eat diet food and i can t make two separate meals every night. Shopping every day for healthy food is expensive and when i buy fresh groceries they end up going off as i don t use them anyway.

we hear you and you re absolutely right, it s difficult to find the time to shop for healthy food, go to gym or join a regular yoga class. Changing your life cannot be done in a day.

that s why we developed the 30 days to health program to help normal, busy people change their lifestyle one step at a time – or rather one day at a time.

with our 30 days to health program you ll learn how to: gradually incorporate healthy habits into your day (1 a day for the next 30 days) explore exercise options that are simple and enjoyable (and which don t involve the gym) introduce gentle toning exercises you can do at home create easy-to-prepare, healthy meals packed with nutrition choose the right supplements that really do make a difference discover anti-aging strategies that really work use natural products to stay energized and alert keep your digestive system working optimally benefit from our other many tips and suggestions to help turn your life around. Aft…read more detail

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