30 days to total self-confidence

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attention: do you spend most of your free time aimlessly surfing the internet, or keep yourself busy with pointless solitary activities instead of going out, having fun and meeting new people? do you constantly worry about whether people will like you, what to talk about with them, and what they will think of you? if you’re tired of sitting at home, feeling lonely, watching life pass you by if you are tired of battling the monkey chatter’ in your head every time your encounter a social situation, then this letter is a must read for you

forget overcoming’ or just dealing with’ social anxiety . . . And eliminate it for good the difference between a person with social anxiety and that person’ who feels naturally confident in any social environment is just one thing

let’s talk about that person . You know exactly who i’m talking about, right? you have seen that person plenty of times.

do your ever wonder how they do it or what’s so special about these people? are they all smarter than you? are they better looking than you? do they have some kind special powers? do they have superior genes?

i spent a large portion of my life suffering from severe social anxiety. You know exactly what that feels like if you ever: let’s be honest .all of this sucks so what makes you so different? do you ever wonder about this? i know i did why is it that some people have all the self-confidence in the world while someone like me couldn’t even say hello …read more detail

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