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you can be trained by one of australia’s top personal trainers every day for the next 28 days & get lean, toned and sexy fast congratulations , you are about to transform your body.

it doesn’t matter what your physical condition is, what your obstacles might be, wherever you are, whatever your starting point,

you can transform your body and you can make that decision today. Y ou may have seen me in the biggest loser dvd workout series, t’v’s “four weddings” program and the kerri anne show. Now i want to be your personal trainer. I want to train you every day with a comprehensive fitness and fat loss program, that will get you in the best shape of your life in just 28 days. If you are finished looking for quick fixes, fad diets, pills and potions and finally want to get in shape the right way, the healthy way. Then look no further – 4 week fat flush is the program for you.

i have been helping people transform their bodies for a looooong time, i know that information is not enough. That’s why i did not want to write another diet book that will sit on your shelf and collect dust.

i will hold you by the hand and coach you through the steps every day. And you will also join a whole community of like minded people doing the program as well.. You will never feel alone.

i have packaged up everything i have learnt over my 15 years as a personal trainer. Everything i have learnt from the 1000’s of clients i’ve had success with, from the 1000’s of …read more detail

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