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this may surprise you , but plants do talk to us. Not with language as you and i know it but with their own special’ communications. By understanding a small amount of key clues you can glean a wealth of information that will help you understand plants, their needs, how to have healthy specimens that don’t die on you

if you have experienced any of the above, it s really not your fault. Compared to our ancestors, we aren’t raised learning about how things grow, nor are we taught how to nurture plants when we’re children. So, it’s not really surprising we find it tough as adults. And books, magazines and tv make learning about plants overly complicated. Some information sources are better than others but they all make it hard work and not at all easy. Trying to learn hundreds of different plants and their growing conditions is hard and time consuming.

it doesn’t have to be like that though . You may think that it will take years to learn about plants (horticulturalists will certainly help you to think that) but it doesn’t have to. Plants have evolved over the years to grow in a vast array of conditions. Plants that grow in certain environments tend to share key characteristics. By learning a handful of these characteristics, you’ll be able to instantly tell what a plant needs just by looking at it. You don’t even need to know a plant’s nam…read more detail

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