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you are about to receive a pdf of the exact blueprint dave follows when he trains his speaker clients. Also as part of this offer, dave is providing a pdf version of the script that he used to grow his first company to 35 on the inc magazine list of 500 fastest growing companies. Also, when you are brought to the thank you page you will also gain access to a two-part, 3.5 hour video training series which will put the blueprint into perspective.

the 7 figure presentation blueprint will show you a foolproof, step by step plan to achieving your financial dreams through public speaking. This plan is so well designed and structured that absolutely anybody can follow it.

if you find all this hard to believe you need to read on to find out why every word is true. Dave is the 7 figure speaking empire s master platform trainer. Dave s masterful execution of sales presentations is evident in his own success, and in that of his students. Dave is mentor and speaker coach to some of the most experienced speakers in the seminar industry. He masterfully takes a seasoned veteran and amplifies their platform abilities to new levels. What is his secret? experience dave is a top closer, has mastered the art of platform persuasion, and has personally delivered more than 3000 stage presentations.

his leadership and sales abilities took his first seminar-based sales company, foreclosures daily, to number 35 on inc magazines list of 500 fastest growing companies. Within 3 years…read more detail

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