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are you frus trated with your recent efforts to learn advanced knit ting techniques? are you los ing patience down load ing all those instruc tional videos found online? do you spend hours knit ting one sock only to find out you ve done some thing hor ri bly wrong? if you have said yes to even one of those ques tions, then you are not alone. As a fel low knit ter, i also had those ter ri ble night mares for months wast ing your valu able time search ing for answers to your ques tions on rav elry, on the inter net, or on youtube, and still haven t solved your problem?

try ing to find help on youtube, but the videos go too fast, are blurry, or don t show you what you need to see?

feel ing ripped-off, pay ing huge sums of money for a ton of classes and books yet you still can t fig ure out how to knit socks properly?

pain in your hands and fin gers because of the way you were knitting? frus tra tion try ing to cre ate that per fect sweater but don t know how to start? this is often the case because most of the the instruc tions are too confusing or there are no illus tra tions to demon strate the steps properly. Many attempt very com plex projects but give up as they really don t under stand the ter mi nolo gies or abbre vi a tions used in knit ting patterns

worse still there is no one around to ask for help. Wouldn t it be great if some one took all that infor ma tion you need and put it some where you can eas ily access?

i have more than ten …read more detail

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