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“are you ready to rid yourself of the guilt, shame, embarrassment, and stress that comes with being overweight and downright out of shape?”

“the time to reshape your body, your health, and most importantly, your happiness has finally arrived in the form of perhaps the most miraculous weight loss system the world has ever seen ”

are you unhappy with your current weight? have you tried losing weight in the past but either gained it back or just failed altogether? have you tried different types of diets and exercise programs only to realize you are working so hard but not seeing any results?

i have also witnessed a countless amount of people join the gym only to wind up heavier or more out of shape than they were before they joined.

a key factor in keeping your gym profitable is retention. Client retention is everything. If you enroll 100 new people per month but 25 previous members cancel every month, then you really aren’t as profitable as you may think.

it took me many years to become an expert sales person. I learned and mastered every technique involved in making a prospective member an actual member and became quite good at it.

once i had the steps involved in selling mastered, i decided i needed to focus on retention. I had to find ways to make people stay members of the club. To truly achieve that goal, i had to deeply research why people cancel their gym memberships and stop their fitness programs.< more detail

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