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dear grappler, have you ever struggled to finish a submission? while other guys seem to possess the almost magical ability to hit submissions precisely when their opponents are most vulnerable…tapping them with ease? have you ever wondered why this is? well, i’m going to tell you why. In fact, i’m going to tell you some things about this amazing ground game that you probably never heard before things that almost let you "see into the future" while rolling, and then…

six years is pretty good for a black belt. But if i knew then what i know now…i could’ve got it in three. What i’m about to tell you is that powerful. Onward… As you probably already know, there are only two ways to tap out a world class bjj guy. You can either:

that’s why so many matches at the upper levels are decided on points or advantage. These guys train three, four, sometimes five times a day, so there’s almost no technique they haven’t seen. And they are a-level grapplers because they almost never make mistakes.

but what if there was a way to cause even the most seasoned grappler to make a mistake…forcing them to trip up (for just a fraction of a second)…making them think twice about who they’re going up against?

better yet, what if you could catch your grappling buddies – guys who know all of your tricks – with submissions they think they know how to defend?

imagine the look on their faces as they scream in shocked amazement "taptap…read more detail

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