Cancer facts & information on alternative cure. – cancer facts & information on alternative cure

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facts and information for those who choose to fight cancer healing the body of cancermeans removing the reasons why it first grew. All cancers are curable but you need to go about it theright way. Only you can heal yourselffrom cancer, but you need to make changes. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapyare a grand hoax. Cancer treatments now days are all about money. No one can profit from natural ways to heal the body of cancer. That’s why they won’t be offered. All cancers are a disease of a weakened immune system, doesn’t it make sense to strengthen it? are you interested? read the introduction to my book, access it via the left panel. Discover what’s going on in the cancer industry and why natural treatments are suppressed. Learn which food causes cancer that we eat everyday and which food has amazing cancer fighting properties.

learn how the cancer industry manipulates statisticsto make us believethey are winning the war against the disease.

learn why doctors are only taught drug based medicine and that is to sell pharmaceuticals such as chemotherapy.

drugs and surgerydon’t cure cancerbecause they are only treating the symptoms of the problem which is of little help.

learn what really works to stop cancer forever. Cancer is not and never need be a death sentence. My wife jean was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 11 years ago and is in perfect health today. My book is not about her, it’s about the 7 million people who are dying of cancer …read more detail

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