Creative card sketches

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has this ever happened to you? you are sitting at your crafting table, surrounded by all your lovely paper and embellishments, waiting for inspiration to strike. You start fussing around with potential designs, you go online to surf for some ideas, only to realize that hours have passed and you have nothing to show for it.

don’t you wish there was an easier way to come up with card making designs? well, there is a better way: 101 creative card sketches – the ultimate resource for card layouts and designs.

i wrote 101 creative card sketches to take the guesswork out of greeting card layouts. Discover how easy it is to create stunning handmade greeting cards based off of a simple card sketch. It was a cinch making these two completely different cards using the same card sketch.

i simply found some matching patterned paper, a nice focal point to use on the left-hand side, a few accent embellishments, and then put it all together based on the sketch – that’s all it took

these card sketches don’t require any special tools and can be made with different types of paper and a few embellishments.

with 101 creative card sketches, it’s never been easier to make an eye-popping handmade greeting card.

so, what’s included in this must-have card making resource? now whenever you are surrounded by all of your crafting goodies, instead of becoming overwhelmed and pressured into thinking of a new card layout, simply grab one of your card sketches and w…read more detail

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