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when you personally are considering the purchase of an ebook or some type of downloadable software, what are your questions? probably…

professional ecovers make your site and your product look trustworthy. They give the perception that your product and company are of expert-quality. They increase your sales and downloads . Why? because even if your product is truly the best on the market, poor packaging gives visitors a perception that it’s homemade. Would you buy a product that looked like it was made by a 14 year old high school kid in his parent’s basement? me either

buyers operate emotionally, not logically. Most buyers are depending on their senses more than their sense . Professionally designed covers are the greatest tools you can use to appeal to the emotional aspect of a buyer.

hot ebook cover graphics impress buyers. They entice them. They encourage them to open their wallets by showing them what they’re getting. Yes, your sales message tells them all about it, but when they see your product on the screen their emotions are satisfied. They are now in a position to buy.

with all the scam artists on the net these days, professionalism is the key to making more sales. I’ve created a whole archive full of hot ecover graphics amounting to more than 700 in number every month, i add on new ones and keep building the size of this archive so that you can never run out of choices

and no, i’m not talking just any set of boring ebook and sof…read more detail

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