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attention: musicians, developers, artists, authors and marketers… You are about to discover a revolutionary new way to design graphics for all your marketing needs

"in a short while from now you could be designing your own professional looking graphics in a few easy steps from anywhere in the world by simply using your browser and an internet connection."

if you are an artist, musician, author, software developer or marketer and want to make a good first impression on your potential customers and clients, then the ecover-go online cover generator is just what you need. The software is easy to use even if you have no design experience and will help you to quickly and easily create high quality and professional 3d cover graphics for all your products like music cds, dvds, software boxes, ebooks and a lot more. You just need to upload your cover artwork or design a new one with the online image editor and the cover generator automatically creates a professional looking 3d cover off your uploaded artwork.

in the past, authors, marketers and artists have been limited in their options. Either fork out the money for a high priced graphic designer to create one-off graphics for every product or website you launch, or create less than professional looking graphics yourself and risk looking amateur.

turn any image into a professional looking and realistic 3d cover graphic the ecover-go online generator is a web-based software to design and render…read more detail

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