Fat burning exercises for women

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bye-bye boredom 1. Amazing thighs and stomach workout 3. Burn the stubborn fat workout 6. Incredible bun and thigh workout 28 day diet is a meal by meal manual what to eat for 28 days, with a picture of every meal. It s all written down for you 4 meals a day for 28 days 112 meal ideas actually it is not a diet, because you need to eat 4 times per day. You will eat a lot but lose weight steadily, this because of the food selection and combination. If you follow this meal plan at the end you earn healthy eating knowledge for life.

this is ebook with gym exercises that you can do at gym or home, using water bottles instead of dumbbells.

this is not a video, this is an ebook with pictures and explanations of gym exercises. You can print this manual and bring it with you in the gym or when you travel. This is professional gym workout design personally by rumi and you can see her on pictures demonstrating proper form of each exercises along with start and end position.

if you ever go to a gym, bring this manual with you and draw envy even from the coach there what you get value what you pay 8 exercise videos for download (value $7 each) $56 $47 28 day diet plan (ebook) $44 free a minute to the perfect body (gym ebook) $39 free total $139 $47 as you can see, the entire wake up lean program is collectively more than a $130 value , but today everything is yours for $47 . On top of that, the 60-day money-back guarantee still covers you if you decide at any time tha…read more detail

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