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by the end of this presentation… You’ll know the fastest way to get a flat stomach. A gift from dr. Kareem samhouri, hfs, cscs

please note: this video will automatically reset once you leave the page. $47 once + 30 day free trial in lift hard play hard ($67/month after your first 30 days. Cancel anytime)

there’s just more to love, baby would you let joe the plumber do work on your teeth? no? so what makes sane people sink hard-earned cash into abs products on late-night tv? that would be as crazy as trusting a diet pulled from a celebrity mag, right?

yet this is why 99% of people spend years trying and failing to get that six pack they’ve always dreamed of. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see my point here…

you heard all about my qualifications earlier, but over on the left there’s another reason i am hugely qualified to help you get that six pack.

yep, that’s me in all my glory during my big boy days. One key point i skipped before is i know first-hand exactly what it takes to go from chunky to chiseled.

i got a pretty good start on life: by my senior year of high school, i was appearing for the usa east water polo team. I kept playing at college but within a couple of years there, my shoulders were so beaten up my own doctor told me the damage was inoperable.

somehow, that didn’t stop me playing. But by the start of my doctorate, i’d piled on 30 pounds. This time, all m…read more detail

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