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from the desk of aaron danker. Graphic designer and product creator w hen it comes to marketing your products online, nothing is worse than attempting to do everything yourself and i mean everything

it s bad enough just putting an ebook together and writing up a sales page. It s bad enough just setting up your site with your own paypal button and getting that linked to your download page

well, whilst i can t promise an easy solution to have everything done for you, i can provide you with the graphics already done to make your life easier

u nless you ve been hiding under a rock or are completely new to the internet, you ll know that graphics help sell a product. I don t care what you re selling words alone can only do so much , but graphics will help your visitors decide if they want to stay on your website and read your sales copy or leave there and then.

good graphics represent you , your business and what you re selling . If your site looks tacky, and looks like a home-improvement botched job, what impression does that leave about your product?

it doesn t matter how good your sales copy is, how valuable your product actually is, or what other people are saying through your testimonials, or even if you re offering a lifetime guarantee. No one would care and your efforts would be completely wasted

…forget about one-time offers, upsells, downsells and cross-sells, tell-a-friend scripts, tweet me buttons, share this on facebook button…read more detail

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