How to get a flat stomach | flat belly challenge

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lost 6.5kg’s & 8.5cm’s in 28 days dropped 5kg’s and 10cm in 28 days 28 days to lose 6kg’s and 18cm a massive 4kgs & 13 cm’s in a month dropped a incredible 4.5kg’s, 5cm in 4 weeks easily lost 4.5kg’s & 8cm, in 28 days wow, kurt lost 6.55kg’s & 10cm in only 28 days achieved a huge loss of 10.6kg’s & 9cm we think he was pregnant, 5.7kg’s & 6.3cm in a month tiny to start, but still managed to lose 2.2kg’s & 11cm 4kg’s, 8cm nice toned craig nicely she has gone more sexy, 6.5kg’s & 4.5cm. Wow 5.2kg’s & 6cm s later his beer belly had gone a cracking start to her journey 5.6kg’s & 12cm the photos don t do her justice. 4kg’s & 4cm 3.5kg’s and 11cm, would you look at the waist measurement. Proud to take a selfy , 5kg’s, 10cm in 28 days this program truly changed my life. If you ve ever been on a diet before and failed, then this is for you yes you can get a flatter, sexier stomach while melting away your jiggling body fat yes all in just 28 days, and without starving yourself

sounds too good to be true, right? but it’s true. In just 28 days from now you can have: a hyper-drive metabolism that burns fat while you re asleep. A completely cleansed body that s flushed of toxins without using fad juices . A shrinking belly and slimmer waistline. The skills and knowledge required to stay slender forever, without having to worry about calorie counting or becoming a gym rat.

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