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"i have read a lot of books lately on freelance money-making opportunities and home-based businesses and rob rednalab’s book, ‘1,000 ways to make money’, is by far the best not only does rednalab offer a host of viable ways to make a little or a lot of money – many of them requiring absolutely no start-up capital – but he does it with lively and engaging writing. Each idea is presented in a manageable, bite-sized paragraph… ‘1,000 ways’ is not only brim full of good ideas for making money in orthodox and not-so- orthodox ways, but it can also be a powerful stimulus for creative thinking." michael hearing tulsa, oklahoma "rob, yahoo you’ve hit a real winner in this new book on 1,000 ways for people to make money. Anyone who can’t come up with a product or business idea needs to get their hands on this gem asap. It’s filled with ‘humdinger ideas’ that you can take to the bank. Congrats " marlon sanders “rob, i don’t know how you did it. I’ve truly never seen a collection of business ideas and ways to make money like it.” matthew cobb arlington, texas

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