Minor midget aaa

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with blake linklater’s minor midget aaa you can learn all that and more. You will learn how to navigate the crazy maze of hockey – especially at minor midget/u16. Arm yourself with knowledge and learn from parents of other 16 year olds so that you can put yourself in the best possible position for your development. Learn from current and former coaches. With minor midget aaa you will put yourself and your son in the best possible position to get noticed.

i have been coaching for over 15 years at the aaa level in the greater toronto area in the alliance, omha and gthl. Over the years i have taught players that moved on to ohl, whl, and college hockey. In the 2012 ohl draft over 10 kids that i have taught at one point or another were drafted. I have seen kids make decisions they wish they hadn’t and i have seen kids make decisions that increased their chances of developing and getting scouted. I want to share that information with you. I want to help you make an informed choice leading up to the ohl draft and beyond. I want you to learn from my mistakes and the others that i have taught.

furthermore, when i played i was a goalie and i know just how hard it is to get noticed – especially when you’re a goalie. But i have learnt a few things along the way to help you.

do you know what to do if you get drafted? what options if you have? what to do and what options you have if you don’t get drafted? find out what options you have when or …read more detail

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